What fills you up?


If you are in the beauty industry, it’s pretty safe to say that you are a giver and I’m sure you show up for your clients as a heart-centered, passionate caregiver and that is simply awesome. In fact, it’s probably a big reason you chose this industry in the first place. But, what happens when you give, give, give and […]

What’s worse than not cool?

IP Patent Copyright Trademark words

ILLEGAL – that’s what. And trust me, it’s way worse than being uncool. You know how I’m always preaching the importance of investing in yourself and your business? Well, I don’t just say that as a sales tactic – I actually practice what I preach. I invest in myself and my business by working with […]

Being the odd duck is GOOD for biz!

Odd Duck

I have a favorite duck… yes, a DUCK (like a quack, quack duck) And, every morning when I walk my dog, I find myself hoping that my favorite duck will be hanging out at the lake so I can see her. She inspires me. What makes this duck so special? She’s different than the other […]

Becoming a Better YOU

Thermometer - Confidence Level

I was recently in conversation with an esthetician (let’s call her Alice) who had become quite low in self confidence. It wasn’t that anything particularly bad had happened; rather, it was that the good things she’d expected to happen hadn’t… at least not yet. She believed in the “Build It and They Will Come” dream […]