Ever get a bad Yelp review?

Computer problems

Yikes! This is a question I received from an actual coaching session and it’s such a terrifying and frustrating experience that I wanted to share it with you. Here was the question… Help! I just got a really bad review on yelp. I talked to the client on the phone and she was very apologetic […]

Business Success Gratitude List

Illustration of a Girl Sitting on a Couch making a Long List

I’m sure you’ve heard about the benefits of keeping a gratitude list. It makes such a huge difference it’s almost magical. For me, I like to go a step further and keep a gratitude list for my business too so I can keep track of the things that enabled me to grow. Inevitably, some of […]

Rethinking how you network for your biz


Years ago when I first hired a business coach, she suggested that I try joining a few networking groups to help me bring new clients in to my beauty biz practice. Honestly, (insert deep breath here) I felt uneasy with this for a number of reasons… I can be shy and introverted. I felt weird […]

The Top 5 Traits of Successful Estheticians


Have you ever wondered what it is that allows for one Esthetician to be wildly successful with amazing clients while another Esthetician with the same training and skills struggles to find enough clients to stay in business? When you think about it, we all go to Esthy School and receive the same basic training, so […]