An Unexpected Biz Building Tool

Have you ever been in a silly funk that doesn’t even make sense? Last week I was feeling so “off” and I just couldn’t shake it. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I was just bummed out & sad about how people are showing up in this world and treating others. My concerns […]

The World Is Depressing Me…

Do you have that special person in your life who you don’t talk to very often, but every time you do it’s a very special occasion and you feel more enlightened, more intelligent and more powerful? For me, this person is my BFF’s mom. She lives 3000 miles away and we don’t talk a ton, […]

Is the sky really blue?

When I was a little girl (probably 5 years old), I remember lying in the grass and looking up at the sky. I wondered if the beautiful vibrant blue I was looking at was the same blue other people could see. I still do this! I have always been mesmerized by a bright blue sky. […]

Industry Insiders Share Their Beauty Biz Success Secrets


One of the secrets to success in any field is increasing your knowledge by learning from true experts (and for the record, a true expert has achieved success – they aren’t just talking about it theoretically). While I do consider myself an expert in some things, I’m definitely not an expert in all things. This […]