3 Tips to Losing Your Financial Fears

Little white man deceives another man with a money trap

How do you manage your finances for your business? Do you fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best at critical times like when bills or taxes are due? Or, do decisions like… when / if / how much to pay yourself, when or how to reinvest in your business how […]

How being mindful makes you more attractive

Oh No!

Today, I’d like to share a situation that happens far too often in our industry. The story below recently happened and it reminded me that it’s something that I wanted to talk to you about. “Beth” (not her real name) is my ideal client.  She comes in regularly. She runs on time. She drives an […]

How do potential clients find you?

Modern communications concept. White communicator on silver laptop.

A guest post by Debbie Miller… Dear Not-Booked-Solid Esthetician, there’s something I want to talk to about and it’s something important so please take a few minutes to read this through. Along with being Lori’s official “Coordinator of Chaos,” I’m also an online marketing professional and a problem solver extraordinaire who loves nothing more than […]

Discount Client? …or No Client?

woman in white t-shirt pointing at you

What a great question… Which is better a discount client or no client? I have been hearing for years that “daily dealing it” has ruined many beauty businesses. Yet, so many continue to give it a try in hopes of creating a booked solid schedule. For many beauty biz providers, heavily discounting has replaced a […]