The Top 5 Traits of Successful Estheticians


Have you ever wondered what it is that allows for one Esthetician to be wildly successful with amazing clients while another Esthetician with the same training and skills struggles to find enough clients to stay in business? When you think about it, we all go to Esthy School and receive the same basic training, so […]

How much is it?

Thinking smiling woman looking up on many questions mark in bubb

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that one… Can you relate? How many times have you heard this question when you’re speaking with a client or potential client about a service or product you offer? I know for me, it’s far too many! Even more annoying, is that it is often the […]

Are you making this mistake?

Business woman making stop sign

After spending many hours with my fellow beauty practitioners, I discovered that there’s a common mistake among us. This mistake has such a horrible outcome for us that we absolutely must stop it right in its tracks. This mistake is one that we are spending a ton of energy on and it’s not only detrimental to our […]

3 Tips to Losing Your Financial Fears

Little white man deceives another man with a money trap

How do you manage your finances for your business? Do you fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best at critical times like when bills or taxes are due? Or, do decisions like… when / if / how much to pay yourself, when or how to reinvest in your business how […]