How being mindful makes you more attractive

Oh No!

Today, I’d like to share a situation that happens far too often in our industry. The story below recently happened and it reminded me that it’s something that I wanted to talk to you about. “Beth” (not her real name) is my ideal client.  She comes in regularly. She runs on time. She drives an […]

How do potential clients find you?

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A guest post by Debbie Miller… Dear Not-Booked-Solid Esthetician, there’s something I want to talk to about and it’s something important so please take a few minutes to read this through. Along with being Lori’s official “Coordinator of Chaos,” I’m also an online marketing professional and a problem solver extraordinaire who loves nothing more than […]

Discount Client? …or No Client?

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What a great question… Which is better a discount client or no client? I have been hearing for years that “daily dealing it” has ruined many beauty businesses. Yet, so many continue to give it a try in hopes of creating a booked solid schedule. For many beauty biz providers, heavily discounting has replaced a […]

Can You Afford Not To?


I am currently enrolling “excited to increase their clientele” estheticians into my 60-day Success Challenge starting on October 6th. I love working with beauty biz practitioners who are ready to own it and create it… their success, that is. Over the last few days I have been getting so many messages: Asking for discounts Telling […]