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I wear many ‘hats’ in my life. I am… a practicing esthetician; an entrepreneur; a spa owner; a beauty biz coach; a consultant; a speaker / educator; the host and creator of The Beauty Biz Show, a top rated podcast on iTunes. and there’s even more I could list in my personal life. I absolutely […]

24 Michael Tompkins – Chairman of ISPA Talks Beauty Biz Trends

Michael Tompkins on The Beauty Biz Show with Lori Crete

I’m so excited today to introduce you to Michael Tompkins. Michael is Chairman of ISPA, but he’s also an RN, a massage therapist, and a trendsetter and visionary in the luxury hospitality industry. Today Michael is sharing the big 5 statistics that are released by ISPA every year. These statistics reveal trends that are happening […]

3 Tips To Help You Say “YES” To Success


On my recent birthday sabbatical, I had the rare opportunity to enjoy some down time to reflect on life. I found myself getting all deep and philosophical… and a little emotional. I thought about how fortunate I truly am to have a business where I get to call the shots and be in charge of […]