Becoming a Better YOU

Thermometer - Confidence Level

I was recently in conversation with an esthetician (let’s call her Alice) who had become quite low in self confidence. It wasn’t that anything particularly bad had happened; rather, it was that the good things she’d expected to happen hadn’t… at least not yet. She believed in the “Build It and They Will Come” dream […]

Ever get a bad Yelp review?

Computer problems

Yikes! This is a question I received from an actual coaching session and it’s such a terrifying and frustrating experience that I wanted to share it with you. Here was the question… Help! I just got a really bad review on yelp. I talked to the client on the phone and she was very apologetic […]

Business Success Gratitude List

Illustration of a Girl Sitting on a Couch making a Long List

I’m sure you’ve heard about the benefits of keeping a gratitude list. It makes such a huge difference it’s almost magical. For me, I like to go a step further and keep a gratitude list for my business too so I can keep track of the things that enabled me to grow. Inevitably, some of […]

Rethinking how you network for your biz


Years ago when I first hired a business coach, she suggested that I try joining a few networking groups to help me bring new clients in to my beauty biz practice. Honestly, (insert deep breath here) I felt uneasy with this for a number of reasons… I can be shy and introverted. I felt weird […]