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If you feel like you’ve been busting it hard, trying to boost your clientele and turn them into raving fans who are ready to pay you the big bucks for a spot in your beauty biz but you’re still not seeing the results you’ve hoped for, I’ve got something exciting to tell you about.

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Stop Selling ~ Start Serving

5 Ways to Rapidly Increase Your Income Without Feeling Sales-y

Happening Monday, December 2nd at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

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You may have already heard about me by now but in case you haven’t here’s what you need to know…

I’m Lori Crete, the President & Founder of, author of the 6-Figure Esthetician System, a licensed esthetician (just like you), a spa owner, coach & mentor for the beauty biz industry. But even more importantly, I do what I do with your success in mind. You see, I’m not just sitting on my cushy couch eating bonbons, watching soaps all day & professing to have all the answers to your problems (ha! wouldn’t THAT be the life) – no, I’m not that kind of coach. Quite the contrary, I’m a fellow licensed esthetician who is in the treatment room almost every single week. I can totally relate to what your struggles & challenges are because I’m in the very same trenches you are in. Everything that I create and share with you comes from all of my trial and error – once I’ve figured something out – cracked a magical code – I share that with you (minus the error and expense). You get time tested & proven tips on what really works… and I’ll share what doesn’t too!

When you join me on this free call, here’s what you can expect to learn…

  • Esthetician salesHow to gain the confidence to have “The You Need This” talk with your clients… without fear.
  • How to stop that little doubting voice within that says, “I don’t know what to say without feeling pushy”. …this is actually your ego trying to protect you… true story!
  • How to lead your clients to ultimate results that will keep them coming back for more… wait until you feel this kind of love!
  • How to discover the importance of creating your “Success Story Box”… Not many beauty biz practitioners have or know the extreme importance of this amazing tool.
  • How to design your “IF, Then, When, Beauty Biz Success Checklist.”… A Step-by-Step guide to becoming a “go to” “problem solving” expert… How much do you think this is worth?
  • Sure fire success secrets for building authentic and profitable relationships with existing and potential clients.
  • …And more!

If you’ve ever been on one of my FREE training calls before, you know they are packed full of content to help you grow in your esthetician business and as a person. Remember, I know what your time is worth and I wouldn’t dream of wasting it!

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